Monday, October 25, 2010

I did J2EE development with Jsp's and other related technologies. This post refers to development earlier in my career that's what I am still doing .. I have attached screen shots down here .. later revisions will carry .. code ..
Applications with simple JSP's:
Commenting e.g. the SQL queries what they are talking about ..
  • Maintaining the data in session that is needed most often in more places, such as user id's etc. 
  • Following a standard naming convention, for Javascript and Java, e.g. id and name attributes can be same for HTML elements etc. 
  • Trimming fields before they go to the database. 
Applications with Apache Struts:
I had background in Java, Jap's, html, Javascript .. Jakarta Struts Live .. 

Users go back and forth there you maintain it in session .. And user's will ask for rows and tables .. and elements .. Iteration through tag libraries .. Struts Tag Library an example ..

Let's consider an example a form for the user to submit his education or employment or list of any ..


We will use Indexed Properties. Row Objects or Column Objects .. RowObjects are seperate Objects which are assigned to the Collection in the FormBean with the setter: public void setRowObject(int i, RowObject rowObject).


SingleEducationUnit (I have named it, as I liked, You can rename) which is assigned to the Collection with the setter:
public void setSingleEducationUnit(int i, SingleEducationUnit singleEducationUnit).

Single RowObject i.e.

Here is the education.jsp

We needed the Indexed Properties in several places in our application. We had to figure out the dynamic rows as well .. I had to program Javascript, DHTML, CSS. Dynamically generating rows .. (Java, Jsp's, Javascript, html, Mastering Jakarta Struts, Jakarta Struts Live) .. Also Java is not the only answer to every thing there is .. C++, Pascal, Linux and Gnu C Compiler .. well .. that's kind a crazy ..

Accessing the Database:
The DAO Layer, we used it for a medium sized J2EE application. My manager wrote it. Using it was good as we were spared from writing SQL queries. 
Ofcourse there should be validation for which Validator Framework can be used, Using Calendars use of Message Resources, interesting.

These frameworks are very widely used, in many applications and ..

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