Babar Abbas

  • Seventeen years of exposure to development. Four years collective Professional Experience in Java/J2EE.
  • Apache Axis with Planet Beyond.
  • Java/J2EE MVC (Struts) with Data Access Object Pattern experience in DPS and Enabling Technologies.
  • Freelance experience in Asterisk, Wikis, XML-SAX, Velocity, Swing.
  • Cryptography Architecture, Java to Com Bridging, ODesk Java Certified.
  • Hands on Experience in Linux as the underlying Operating System used for development for about 7 years, Mainly Fedora, Fedora KDE Spin, Ubuntu.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from one of the most reputable university of the country FAST-NUCES.

Major Technical Skills:

Java, J2EE, Jsp’s/Servlets, Javascript, DHTML, Struts, C++, SQL.  
Agile, Test Driven Development, Xerces, JSTL, Java Server Faces, PHP (Symfony Framework).
Supporting Tools
Linux, Eclipse, JBuilder, NetBeans, Subversion, Git, Tomcat, JRun, Dreamweaver.

Professional Experience:
Freelancing (July 2006 – Current):   
  • SCons, the latest code building tool (As Ant or Maven). Java Project building code for a coding competition, posted online at SCons wiki, for reuse and inquiry.
  • Streamlined the development process of a startup. Started Code Version Control and trained staff for Struts etc.
  • Tailored an Open Source Wiki named “Xwiki”, to incorporate in online wiki.
HighLights: XWiki is a well known project and is used in a lot of other Softwares,
Started taking shape quite well, with me working on it rigorously.
LowLights: I was working freelance, I reached back home after reporting to the
managers and due to some issues I was not given anymore work.
  • An “Internet Radio Simulator” Bid won at RentACoder. People communicating with each other through Asterisk as a communication hub, Asterisk employed as it had SIP and RTP Communications. Linux was the Operating System used.
HighLights: Mainly Asterisk Configuration.
LowLights: Asterisk is known as The Next Generation of IP Telephony. The work
was abandoned by Mr.XYZ.
  • Web Development experience in PHP and WordPress and Linux. Remotely situated team members worked together. WebSites hosted at personal machines reported to the management. Wrote WordPress plugins, that modified the internal subsystem of WordPress CMS with the help of hooks. Tested and modified sites to work with WordPress.
HighLights: Hands On Experience in Linux, WordPress and PHP.
  • Quick Books in Java. QuickBooks is an accounting system used in the international market. IBM and JACOB provided the bridges to use QuickBooks with Java. IBM’s bridge was not free. And the Open Source JACOB had only been developed by one person.

Software Engineer in Planet Beyond (Feb 2006 to April 2006) :
    Telecom based Software applications in the new Parlay-X standard, which solves the interoperability problem through Web Services. Apache Axis 1.3 used as a Web Services Library. Maintained and modified internal websites for Telenor a leading Telecom Operator in the country.

Jr. Software Eng. in DPS (Dec 2004 to July 2005):
    J2EE applications using Apache Struts Framework, Data Access Object Patterns, Jsp’s and advanced programming techniques in concerned areas. e.g. Dynamically generated HTML elements at the client side, that populate in Collections at the server side. A regressive work cycle of web development in JDBC Api’s, SQL, DHTML-Javascript, Display-Tag etc. Completed Two J2EE Projects at DPS.

An Intern, in Enabling Technologies (Dec 2003 to Aug 2004):
    Developing a web site based system for Scheduling Media based on Access Levels for various users in J2EE, Configured App. Server, Programming in Java, JSP, JavaScript, Html.


BS in Computer Science (4 yrs.) from FAST-NUCES Islamabad. Two projects selected in a high standard all Pakistan Software Exhibition (SOFTEC). Final Year Project Completed with a Software house AMEBS.

Academic Projects:

EDATT, for electronic data transfer in Java (Final Year Project):
Online File transfer system between organizations, tested on LAN. Files are encrypted with RSA and DESEDE encryption algorithms in Java Cryptography Architecture, Scheduled by multithreading with the resumption of broken transfers. File transferring partners are chosen from a list of online partners.


Linear, Quadratic and Cubic Interpolation that narrowed distances between points on screen.

Areas of interest:

Cricket, News.
Reference: Jamshaid Ashraf Project Manager Digtial Processing Systems. One of the biggest Software Houses of the Capital City Islamabad.

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