Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Java and SCons: We had to build a Coding Competition for an IDE in 2009. Developers would drop in Code. I went on with the research it appeared that SCons support for Java was basic. And we had to come up with our own way of solving the -classpath problem. Setting the class path and JavaStrategy
project-java-build-run main files: SConstruct,,

SConstruct: Main build functions. lib: lib files needed for compilation. src: Source files. bin: Compiled class files. tools: scons-local or junit. Execution.

The idea was to walk directories and pick the jars

Friday, January 8, 2016

This post is for care of Parents:
Parents as they get old, should be helped, physically.

The 2nd One :
Medicines are taken slowly and left that way. And the doc should take the history as well

3th One :
"If a hard medicine is advised, one should be a bit more compensating in sharing the home's resources".

4th One:
Lesser carbohydrates, walk

5th One:
Parents should not be treated like servants

There are medicines .. I think they help to a few extent 

In case of emergencies one should be advised to a lot of extent. As an example run to the hospital as fast you can with all the equipment like wagons .. but take care of your self . 

In case of beating and bumming one should take care of himself 

In case of poor education that's the same

In case of bad society .. what does it mean